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Assistant Head of School for Advancement

Sprint for the Future

Thanks to the tremendous outreach efforts of volunteers, faculty, administrators, and staff, the journey of the Together We Shine campaign has been remarkable. With 90 percent of our ambitious $152 million goal raised, we are making a last sprint and starting to glimpse the future.

As the largest campaign in the School’s 140-year history, our collective achievement isn’t only about funds raised but about a testament to the trust and faith our community has in the School’s mission. Three times the goal of the last campaign, which successfully concluded over a decade ago, Together We Shine will be transformational for our students. Hundreds of donors have rallied around the significance of the campaign’s impact with multi-year pledges.

Together, we share a commitment to increasing financial aid resources, investing in initiatives that deepen our students’ ethical engagement with the world, and in taking the first step towards unifying our campuses. As David Milner ’86, one of three campaign co-clerks, says, “For the first time in our history we are changing the campus significantly for young people, and doing so by weaving together stewardship, ethics, and environmental education. It’s a big responsibility, and a big opportunity. The community’s support of Sidwell — both to ensure it remains an institution that continues to last for generations to come, as well as a place for today’s students, families, and teachers to learn, explore, and grow — is inspirational.”

“The prospect of unifying the campus is so exciting,” says Charis Menschel P ’25, ’27, ’29, another of the campaign’s co-clerks. “To break ground on the Upton renovation, we need 85 percent of that project goal in cash. We’re close and with everyone’s help I know we will get there.” With the Together We Shine campaign concluding in June 2024, groundbreaking on the Upper School renovation is set to happen later that year with the opening of the new Upper School in 2026.

Milner says, “The campaign has reached a critical stage and we look forward to everyone’s continued involvement, sending a powerful message to the faculty and students that we believe. We support and honor them today, and future generations tomorrow. As we unite our campuses into one physical community, we will change the daily connectivity and spirit of the community like never before. A one campus future will pay dividends in ways we can’t fully imagine or appreciate today. To see our community rally behind this vision is remarkable.”

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Sprint for the Future

With 90 percent of our ambitious $152 million goal raised, we are making a last sprint and starting to glimpse the future.

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