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Tara Arras

Assistant Head of School for Advancement

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  • Why We Volunteer: It’s Personal

    The reasons alumni, current and former parents, current and former grandparents, and teachers volunteer at Sidwell Friends vary more than one might think.

  • Engaging Alumni Makes a Vital Difference

    The more alumni engage with each other and with today’s School community, the greater the philanthropic impact and good we can do together.

  • Volunteers Lighting the Way

    As we near the campaign’s finish line, we could never have reached our current success without the tireless support of more than 100 active volunteers.

  • For Decades of Service

    We Welcome Helen Austern Colson ’53, P ’82, ’84, ’87 as Honorary Leader of Together We Shine

  • Reimagining the Future of Learning through a New Upper School

    Thoughtfully, ethically, and sustainably designed, the new Upper School will add six contiguous acres to the Sidwell Friends School’s Washington, DC, campus.

  • For Me Personally, No Greater Gift

    In conversation with Brittany Toscano Gore ‘03

  • Family Affair

    Adé Heyliger and Sherrese Smith-Heyliger (P ’29, ’31) share their motivations for funding and naming the outdoor dining commons for the Upper School renovation.

  • A Lifetime of Friendship

    For George Bernstein ’64, Alan Bernstein ’59, and Daniel Bernstein ’55, support for Sidwell Friends is vital to the story of their lives.

  • How One “Yes” Leads to Another

    An interview with volunteers Melissa del Aguila ’01 and Dev Talvadkar ’01.